About Us

Founding committee members

Mr. Ruvik Danilovich – Mayor of Be’er Sheva

Mr. David Yosov – Radio Darom CEO

Mrs. Yael Altar- Business woman

Mr. Moti Revach – Business man

Dr. Zahava Caspi – Ben Gurion University

Mr. Hillel Shimer

Mr. Ishay Avital – Public Relations, Be’er Sheva Municipality

Public management Members

Honorary President: Larry Goodman

Founder: Shmulik Yifrach

Charman:Ofer Lifshitz- Essential minerals Division President- ICL

Dr. Zahava Caspi – Ben Gurion University

Mr. David Yosov – Radio Darom CEO

Mrs. Yael Altar- Business woman

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Meir Englert – Marketing Department Director, Sapir College

Sharon Bar- Be’er Sheva Ice Cream

Amnon Ben Dahan – BDN CEO

Zvika Alush – Media Consultant

Attorney Moshe Danoch – Foundation Legal Adviser

Attorney Ron Danoch – Foundation Legal Adviser

Lawrence Goodman, CEO Goodman Foundations, Chicago Illinois

External Critic

Hadad and Turgeman

quick peek on our school activities

The Goodman Acting School of the Negev was established in 2005 with the sole purpose of being a professional institute that will train actors, develop talents and give its students the tools and knowledge needed for their future in the industry.

Goodman is a 3- year acting school, focusing on acting technique, movement, speech, theatre history, and community outreach. Students attend class 5 days a week taking classes ranging from Shakespeare to Stanislavski to improvisation to acting for the camera, honing their skills and developing their repertoire. All of the acting classes offered are accompanied with dance and movement courses (musical theatre, ballet, fight choreography, mask work, etc.) along with voice and speech. Goodman believes in training and producing well-rounded actors who are prepared to work in any artistic field.

During their 3rd and final year at Goodman students enter a residency year, working as an ensemble to produce and perform 6-8 productions, including shows from a worldwide repertoire. Students take part in the productions on stage as well as off stage, participating in creative meetings, scenery, costumes, directing, budget management, and ticket sales. After this year, students are equipped with the proper knowledge and professionalism required in the field. Goodman gives students the tools to be able to successfully advance in acting all throughout Israel.

A unique requirement Goodman offers is its community program. The community program was started based on the belief that close ties between students and the community contributes to as sense of social responsibility. At Goodman, we strongly believe at the end of this process young artist will emerge as better individuals, more sensitive to their surroundings, and more aware of their role and impact as artists.

The school also works closely with The Be’er Sheva Theater; therefore graduates are eligible to become the future actors of the ensemble along with other key theaters in Israel.

Contact Us

Address: 8 Zalman Shazar Blvd

Beer-Sheva, Israel 8489441

Phone: +97286464940

Email: Goodman@br7.org.il

:Office opening hours and telephone response

Sun-Thurs 08: 00-19: 30

On the days when the show is held, Goodman will be open an hour and a half before the start of the show until its start