About the Center

(לינק חזרה ל- The Center of Excellence in Theater)

The Center of Excellence in Theater: Theater that comes all the way to you.

The Center of Excellence in Theater was founded by the Be’er Sheva Municipality together with the Goodman Acting School of the Negev, the Be’er Sheva Theater, and the Office of Negev and Galil Development as part of the super-plan Be’er Sheva as an Urban Space for the Nurturing of Excellence and as part of the vision of the urban space as an educational space that provides “a network of educational opportunities”.

The center holds a modern agenda according to which students are encouraged to aspire to excellence, and empowers their talents and abilities by exposing the young students of the city to the world of theater.

The center operates in three circles:

The circle of exposition exposes the students – from kindergarten to highschoolers – with the theater world via a wide variety of 1,400 plays, activities and workshops from different aspects of theater: pantomime, street theater, improvisation, camera acting, theater makeup, storytelling, masks, musicals, and more. These activities come into the schools and kindergartens all around the city and are appropriated for the different ages of the audiences.

The circle of deepening allows students from 3rd to 6th, and 7th to 9th, who are interesting in broadening their knowledge, to take part in a theater course that involves theoretical studies and practical experience in stage and theater.

The circle of excellence – Students of the 7th to 12th grade who were discovered as gifted with talent are chosen to participate in the Be’er Sheva Theater Youth Group. The group is hosted and accompanied by the finest cadre of teachers and directors of the Goodman Acting School of the Negev.

In addition, the center provides-

  • Professional support for theater departments in schools around the city.
  • Subscriptions for the kids and youth series in the Be’er Sheva Theater for those appropriate from kindergarten to 9th grade, recommended by the city’s educational institutions.
  • Subsidization of the Golden Youth subscription for all highschoolers in Be’er Sheva, a subscription that allows unlimited entry to plays in the Be’er Sheva Theater, guest plays,  and plays in the Goodman Acting School of the Negev, on the basis of available seats.

The Center of Excellence in Theater has a tight-knit bond with the Be’er Sheva Theater and the Goodman Acting School of the Negev. Be’er Sheva Theater, as a prominent artistic establishment, and the Goodman Acting School of the Negev, as a center for higher learning, form together the pinnacle of excellence in theater, and offer the children of Be’er Sheva who excel at this area of expertise a space for personal growth on the highest level.