The school runs a program for social involvement in the community in which all students take part in a weekly afternoon activity. The social involvement in the community program is based on the belief that the close connection between the students and the community they live in contributes to a sense of caring, social awareness and mutual enrichment. It aspires to nurture actors that are involved, sensitive to their environment and that are active and enterprising.

The program includes community work in different Be’er Sheva locations and special projects for different populations.


The students go through a special training program at the beginning of the school year in order to prepare them for the field work. They are then placed in the different locations that are chosen by the school and by social institutions of the city: The Department for Social Volunteer Work in the Be’er Sheva Municipality, The Kivunim Company for Recreational Culture, community organizations and other foundations.

The students are integrated in special, one time or ongoing projects with social institutions like The Welfare Department of The Be’er Sheva Municipality, foundations and organizations.ש They hold unique activities which include community parties, fund-raising shows, fun game days and more.

As part of the connection of the school with the community, people with special needs and groups within the program are invited to watch the school shows. The school also holds the annual South Community Festival