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Our main goal is to establish a professional acting school that will meet the needs of various groups in the area. 


In this age of multi-channel television there is a growing demand for the training of professional actors. This is evidenced by the growing number of schools. A decade ago there were five main frameworks for dramatic training: Bet Zvi, Nisan Nativ Acting Studio, Seminar Hakibbutzim, Yoram Levinstein Studio and Tel-Aviv University. Now, ten years later, many smaller schools have arisen. Some of them are unique, and most are concentrated in the Tel-Aviv area. Although these schools provide actors for the television industry – children's programs, talk shows, original drama and soap operas – the students see themselves primarily as actors for the dramatic stage. This is a worldwide phenomenon; actors trained for the stage more and more work in the television and film industries.



Goals Our
Our main goal is to establish a professional acting school that will meet the needs of various groups in the area. We intend to serve as a bridge between various communities: youth, immigrants and old-timers, Jews and Arabs (Bedouin), residents of Be'er Sheva and the surrounding area. 
We also have other secondary goals.


Creating future professionals for the Be'er Sheva Theater by training local young people to participate in repertory groups in the area's theater.

Providing an answer for dramatic studies in the Negev that would save much financial hardship for students who at present are forced to move to the center of the country and finance their living and related expenses at great cost.


  • Broadening theater activity to educational frameworks in Be'er Sheva and the surrounding area by involving students in community activities in schools and various community centers (acting studies in schools as well as other professional frameworks for teen-agers).
  • Enabling student productions of the acting school to create young and vibrant fringe theater which enriches the theater repertoire presented in the city and the surrounding area. 
  • Establishing an additional cultural focus in the city as part of the master plan of the educational and cultural     departments to create a cultural renaissance in the city.



Premises Our
The Be'er Sheva municipality considers the establishment of the first school for acting and art in the Negev to be extremely important. It will, therefore, renovate an existing community building, which serves as the present Be'er Sheva Theater so that it can function as a school. These renovations will begin after the theater moves to its new premises in the summer of 2008. Renovations will cost 1,800,000 dollars and upon its completion, the school will be housed in the most professional and impressive building in Israel. 


The new building will include:
  • A theater with 300 seats,
  • A small auditorium with 100 seats,
  • A room professionally equipped for movement classes,
  • A multi-media room,
  • 5 academic classrooms,
  • A music room,
  • A teachers' room, 
  • A library,
  • A costume storage room,
  • A makeup storage room,
  • Showers and bathrooms,
  • Offices,
  • A cafeteria and more …


Shimon Peres, the vice-prime-minister and responsible for developing the Negev and the Galil: "I consider the establishment of an acting and theater arts school in Be'er Sheva, the capital of the Negev, to be of great importance. I am convinced that this school can make a major contribution toward improving education and culture as well as creating professional employment for young artists."


Yaakov Terner, mayor of Be'er Sheva: "The L & L Goodman Theatre and Acting School of the Negev is an important anchor for the cultural-artistic activities of young people in the area. I am certain that the stars of tomorrow will take their first steps in The theatre and acting school in the capital of the Negev. Accept my heartfelt congratulations and hopes for success."


Professor Avishai Braverman, president of Ben-Gurion University: "Ben-Gurion University congratulates the first school of theatre and acting in the Negev on its opening and considers its establishment in Be'er Sheva to be of great importance. As members of the founding body, we are happy to cooperate with the theatre and acting school, to contribute our academic experience and, together, to promote a unique program. I extend my warmest and heartfelt congratulations." 



Donors Our
Our thanks and appreciation to our donors Larry and Lillian Goodman.


Long time residents of Chicago, the Goodmans have always been dedicated to the State of Israel and the Jewish community. Mr. Goodman serves as national chairman of the Be'er Sheva Foundation and is on the board of governors of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. He is also chairman of the Midwest Region of Israel Bonds, past chairman and executive of the Joint Distribution Committee, board member of the Chicago Federation and board member of the Development Corporation for the State of Israel.
Mrs. Goodman has been involved in the Israel Bond Campaign for the last forty years, chairing the Golden Harvest Dinner Dance and the Ambassador's Ball.



Teachers Our
The staff is assembled from the best teachers in varios fields ( acting to his styles, movement, dance, song, voice traninig).Unified in a goal to lead the school to the front row in acting studies, with full cooperation from Beer Sheva theater and Ben Gurion university.



Activities Community 

The school sees in community activities a great importance for the artist, from the perspective that a creative artist who creates in his environment receives from it the materials so essential to his work as an actor. Being a artist who is conected to his environment, to his place of birth, creates a powerful theater which has a say...