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The Goodman Acting School of the Negev was established with the purpose of being a professional institute that will train actors, develop local talents and give its students the tools and knowledge they need for their future in the industry. The school also wishes to be an artistic and cultural center for the people of Be’er Sheva and its surroundings.

The idea of opening an acting school in Be’er Sheva was first envisioned by Shmulik Yifrach, the school manager and the CEO of The Be’er Sheva Theater, and by Ruvik Danilovich, the Mayor of Be’er Sheva. They wanted to create a center and meeting place for the youth of the Negev and the south of Israel that wish to study dramatic arts.

From the day it was founded, the school has been a central and meaningful factor in the cultural happenings of the Negev. Its professional achievements can be seen in the cultural, educational and artistic fields of Be’er Sheva and its surroundings.

As part of its educational program, the school puts on 6-8 productions each year from the various repertoire of both Israeli and worldwide stage and of the best directors and creators in the field. The shows are open to the general public. 

The school works closely with The Be’er Sheva Theater. Shmulik Yifrach, the school director, is also the CEO of the theater and Rafi Niv, the school artistic and pedagogical director, is also the artistic director of the theater. Both of them teach at the school and personally know its students.

Due to the full cooperation of the school with The Be’er Sheva Theater, graduates are eligible to become the future actors of the theater ensemble.

The L&L Goodman Theater & Acting School of the Negev also initiates and supports other cultural centers around the city: The Children and Youth Theater, The Center for Theater Excellence, The Be’er Sheva Fringe Theater, theater groups, theater departments in the educational system, city festivals and more.

The school has four study rooms equipped with lighting structures, a large dance studio with a grand piano (a contribution from The Makhteshim Company), a wide patio and two theater halls: the small hall has 80 seating places and is suited for shows which need an intimate space, and the large hall has 320 seating places and is equipped with the most up-to-date lighting and sound systems.

Finally, the students also enjoy a large play script library, dressing rooms, props and costume storerooms, private lockers and showers. 

Founding committee members

Mr. Ruvik Danilovich – Mayor of Be’er Sheva

Mr. David Yosov – Radio Darom CEO

Mrs. Yael Altar- Business woman

Mr. Moti Revach – Business man

Dr. Zahava Caspi – Ben Gurion University

Mr. Hillel Shimer

Mr. Ishay Avital – Public Relations, Be’er Sheva Municipality

Public management Members

Mordechai Revach – Business man

Dr. Zahava Caspi – Ben Gurion University

Mr. David Yosov – Radio Darom CEO

Mrs. Yael Altar- Business woman

Meir Englert – Marketing Department Director, Sapir College

Ofer Lifshitz – Vice president, ICL

Sharon Bar- Be’er Sheva Ice Cream

Amnon Ben Dahan – Neot Hovav CEO

Dr. Shani Bar On

Zvika Alush – Media Consultant

Eldad EItani – Insurance Broker

Attorney Moshe Danoch – Foundation Legal Adviser

Attorney Ron Danoch - Foundation Legal Adviser

Lawrence Goodman, CEO Goodman Foundations, Chicago Illinois

External Critic

Hadad and Turgeman


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